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working with governments to reduce crime and reoffending, control immigration and prevent terrorism

Serco forms pioneering probation alliance with voluntary sector

Serco has formed a pioneering alliance with voluntary sector organisations to bid for contracts to provide services within the criminal justice system. The alliance will seek to work in partnership with the probation service to add capacity and improve the overall service to the public.

Serco, Rainer and Turning Point will combine their skills and experience to provide new services across both custodial and community settings in order to support the Noms agenda of reducing re-offending and improving public protection. 

The alliance will seek to develop an innovative and coordinated range of rehabilitation care services - addressing people's needs inside prison so that they are less likely to re-offend and supporting them on release in the community. 

Lord Victor Adebowale, Turning Point's Chief Executive said, "No one agency can provide the full spectrum of services needed in offender management. For years, not for profit organisations such as Turning Point have led the way in providing pioneering, innovative services supporting people with complex needs to turn their lives around. So we are ideally placed to take on this work in Noms and look forward to working with our partners and the probation service to make a real difference in this key area. "

Tom Riall, chief executive of Serco in Home Affairs, said, "We believe we can design programmes which integrate services from our partners to deliver better results for the probation service and the taxpayer. We are committed to working with the probation service to reduce re-offending and improve public protection."

Joyce Moseley, Rainer's Chief Executive said, "As the organisation that founded the probation service it seems natural for us to do this sort of work, and we can evidence that we can get results.

"We are interested in transforming these services, rather than simply transferring them.  Each of the sectors has something distinctive to offer and our focus is on getting the best out of each organisation in order to cut re-offending rates and improve outcomes for our service users."

For more information contact Douglas Trainer at douglas.trainer@serco.com or 07834 143629

Last Updated: 10 October 2014