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Serco provides around 45% of the services at Hunfeld Prison, Germany
Among other serives provided, Serco provide healthcare, psychology, education and recreation services


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Hunfeld Prison

Serco provides a wide range of services to this 500 bed male prison near Frankfurt-am-Main. The contract with the Hessen Ministry of Justice runs for five years from 2005.

Under German Law some custodial functions including security cannot be privatised so there are undertaken by state-employed prison officers. However, Serco provides almost all the other services in the prison, including healthcare, psychology, education, recreation and building management.

Overall 45% of the prison's services have been outsourced to Serco, at a 15% saving compared to full state provision.

Hunfeld is demonstration of how Serco can develop new models of service provision in response to customer needs - in this case proposing a partnership approach to running the prison in hand with state personnel.

Last Updated: 19 November 2014