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Serco work closely with the UK Border Agency to help the UK Government manage migration successfully
We remove detainees on both scheduled and charter flights across the world with dignity and respect.


working with governments to reduce crime and reoffending, control immigration and prevent terrorism

Overseas Court Escorting

Working on behalf of the UK Border Agency (UKBA), Serco Overseas Court Escorting (OCE) operates as an approved company for the provision of services to escort persons abroad who have been removed from the United Kingdom under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

Our services include the collection of detainees from their points of detention or other locations as required throughout the UK, and escorting them to an International Embarkation point , and then onwards to a destination country, as indicated by the UK Border Agency

The key areas of this service are the maintenance of the health, safety and security of detainees and their timely collection and delivery to their ultimate destination, ensuring that this is carried out safely, whilst prioritising the welfare needs of detainees at all times

Working on behalf of International Airline Carriers we operate as a UK Border Agency approved company to carry out the escorted removal of any carrier liability removals.

  • Carrier liability - persons who are refused leave to enter the UK at our ports are subject to removal from the UK under UK Immigration Law
  • These removals are carried out at the expense of the carrier rather than at public expense
  • OCE have agreements with several International Airlines to provide them with a bespoke, professional out of country escorting service for carrier liability escorted removals

All OCE escorting staff are UKBA accredited Detention Escort Officers.

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Last Updated: 19 November 2014