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Delivering outcomes. Serco has a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience, that local authorities can leverage to improve citizen services.
Partnership working. Serco is working with and across the whole local community to make citizens' lives better

Serco is

working with local communities to make citizens lives better.

Business Process Outsourcing

With a wealth of experience of transforming the quality and efficiency of front, middle and back office business processes, we are sure that we can help you improve the delivery of your services. 

We bring about transformation through; simplification, by reducing the clutter from existing processes, standardisation, by  designing one effective way of doing things, automation, making technology do the leg-work, shared services, establishing common delivery models for multiple customers within and across organisations, right-shoring, choosing the most appropriate delivery location to achieve the business benefits and meet the needs of our customers.

Our BPO solutions can be delivered through four distinct offerings that, taken together, offer an end-to-end transformational solution:

Advise: We specialise in providing advice on how to transform the organisation. Working with our customers to understand the outcomes they wish to achieve, we identify opportunities to deliver operational efficiencies and service excellence. 

Design:  Working with our customers, we create a workable blueprint that details the full solution design for transforming their business processes. 

Integrate: We support our customers with a seamless transition and integration to the new operation, ensuring immediate benefits realisation. 

Deliver: We have the capacity and capability to deliver step-change service improvements on our customers' behalf, either as a managed or outsourced service.

The Value Serco brings 

Organisations are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a means of refocusing precious internal resources on delivering business and customer outcomes. 

It is our "outcomes" based approach, combining a public service ethos with commercial know-how that enables us to create solutions that help you to deliver more for your customers and achieve your strategic objectives.

Innovation and flexibility: Our Global Delivery Model offers you a range of shared service options that deliver guaranteed savings.   Depending on your requirements we can: 

  • Setup a shared service centre in one of your locations for one or many of your middle office or back office functions
  • Transfer the selected functions into one of our on-shore (UK), near-shore (Europe) or off-shore (India) shared service centres    

Partnering: Building long term relationships is at the heart of what we do.   This means we work with you to create innovative solutions that guarantee long term cost reductions and performance improvements.

Last Updated: 07 May 2014