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In the mountainous surrounds of Hong Kong, road tunnels provide vital commuter links. Each day, more than 90,000 vehicles can pass through the Serco-operated Lion Rock Tunnel
In such a busy system, the safe, smooth-running of the tunnel is down to co-operation and trust


We improve services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific we're focusing on selected opportunities where our experience will have the greatest impact.

Serco is a market leader in defence outsourcing in Australia and provides 50% of all garrison support services through its joint venture Serco Sodexho Defence Services. While this is a maturing market, a programme of defence and civil PFIs is beginning to emerge as Australian states face increasing budgetary pressure.

Our defence maritime services joint venture with P&O - Defence Maritime Services - is a model for future partnership approaches in Australia. Building on a successful port service operation for the Royal Australian Navy it has recently won a private finance initiative to build and operate patrol boats, which will be used to support the Navy's coastal border protection responsibilities. Civil government contracts include maintaining buildings and open spaces, warehousing and distribution, together with hospital support and water and wastewater services. Our highly successful Great Southern Rail business gained a further boost when in 2004 we linked Alice Springs to Darwin for the first time. Ticket sales for the journey to Darwin topped A$5m in the first five weeks of booking - six months before the first train was due to run.

In Hong Kong, transport contracts include operating toll tunnels and providing vehicle recovery and pollution monitoring services; we also run a number of contracts within hospitals.

India is the second-fastest growing economy in the world and presents significant opportunities for Serco. The acquisition of Intelenet in 2011 significantly added to the scale and depth of our capabilities, making Serco a leading provider of BPO services to the private sector around the world, and number one in the domestic Indian market.

Last Updated: 18 May 2015