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Coronavirus: Serco Response

How Serco is responding to protect our customers, citizens, employees and partners

The rapid spread of Coronavirus is the greatest immediate challenge facing the world; others we have been worrying about – such as climate change – may have greater long-term impact, but in the here-and-now we are faced by a virus which is making over 1.5 million people ill, and killing a distressingly high proportion of them. It has utterly upended the ways of life, the economies and the supply chains of all nations it has infected, and made millions of people jobless.

In response to the crisis, Serco’s priority is to ensure the continued delivery of vital public services for our government customers and citizens; to protect from harm our employees and those entrusted to our care; to protect our shareholders from loss; and to ensure our preparedness for a world beyond the current crisis.

Serco dog handlers at HMP Dovegate

Ensuring continuity of service

We have enacted well-practiced business continuity and contingency plans across the business, to form a globally coordinated response, while sharing best practice across all of the countries in which we operate.

We are working round the clock with our partners to ensure continuity of our supply chains, and our suppliers and partners are going to extra efforts to continue to service our requirements.

Serco Environmental Services team collecting refuse

Protecting our people

Our teams in every region are doing all we can to protect our employees – and give them what they need to protect themselves. Whilst we now have around 9,000 people working from home, for the vast majority of our colleagues this is not possible.  You cannot change a hospital bed, or empty a dustbin, from home. So many of our colleagues are putting themselves in harm’s way and working tirelessly to maintain public services. In so doing, they embody Serco’s four values – Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride.

Our Chief Executive Rupert Soames has summarised best the efforts of our employees:

“Words cannot properly express the respect and admiration the conduct of our 55,000 colleagues deserve. They have stepped up to the difficult challenges public services are facing with a level of commitment, energy and engagement which is extraordinary and proud-making. Sustaining vital public services puts many tens of thousands of Serco colleagues on the front line in hospitals, prisons, trains, metros, refuse lorries, asylum seeker accommodation, tugs, ships, contact centres and in sites of national strategic importance. They are addressing our customer requirements and available resources which change by the hour and often mis-match, and all the while protecting their families and communities.  Our mettle is being tested as never before, and we are determined to rise to the level of events.”


Additional support to governments

Our unique combination of capabilities and experience means that we are well placed to help governments address the challenges posed by Coronavirus, and to actively support them internationally to both combat the spread of the disease and to manage its impact. 

This includes our expertise in:

  • running services in critical environments;
  • delivering government services which are high profile and public-facing;
  • redesigning processes and delivery in the face of change;
  • understanding government and citizen needs;
  • emergency and disaster response.

To name just a few examples internationally, our support so far has included expanding our contact centre capabilities to support government helplines, increasing our capacity within our health settings, enabling the provision of quarantine and testing services, facilitating Coronavirus response workforce management, undertaking deep cleaning, managing infection control in custodial settings, providing clinical and non-clinical transport & logistics, and more.

Supporting our communities

The Serco Foundation – Serco’s independent charitable trust supporting vulnerable citizens internationally – ran its Coronavirus Community Support Fund from March to July 2020. Serco employees worldwide nominated charities and community groups known to them, or making a major contribution in their regions. Over £545,000 has been provided in grants to 300 organisations, operating in almost twenty countries. As the Trustees now consider the impact of this scheme to date, the Foundation continues to support a range of organisations through its usual programme of grants.

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