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A Global Pulse Award for a team member who helped to rescue 270 stranded train passengers on his day off

On Saturday 1st July 2017, a Saudi Arabian Railway (SAR) high speed passenger services train carrying 270 passengers plus train crew lost power and came to a standstill at 8.20pm, 52km from the nearest station and 280km from the operations hub at Riyadh. On board lighting and ventilation were lost several minutes later. The train was in the desert and the outside temperature was 37°C.

Miko Baay is a Project Controls Officer for the Serco team at SAR, and a former Train Attendant for the Dubai Metro. In addition to his office support role, Miko volunteers to help new operational recruits. When the train failure occurred, Miko was finishing a volunteer shift on his day off. He was one of the first members of the Serco team to respond, immediately assisting with gathering and loading emergency equipment, supplies and refreshments onto the night rescue train. He travelled with the rescue train and helped with the transfer of passengers via emergency ladders. Throughout he kept a detailed record of all events, timings and associated details, supporting subsequent investigation and capture of critical learning points.