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Driving total data transparency in medical insurance for our Middle East employees

Medical insurance is not only a legal and business imperative for Serco in the Middle East, it is a key factor in the wellbeing of our employees. In recent years, however, questionable profit-driven practices in the medical industry and government efforts to regulate and control have threatened to compromise our capability in this area. In 2018, we have taken steps to address these challenges.

Recognising that existing third-party arrangements precluded an effective solution, we refreshed our relationships with all providers. This included engaging a new insurance broker who shares our values and commitment to efficiency, integrity and employee outcomes. We also challenged insurance providers directly about their data, driving an unprecedented shift towards total data transparency.

These changes have enabled us to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, whilst generating significant, complementary cost-efficiencies.

Our new broker commented, “It is refreshing to partner with Serco, who are deeply engaged and proactive in their approach to managing their healthcare plans. Their determination to drive change in the Middle East medical insurance landscape is forward-thinking and will deliver solutions that are ahead of their time”.

Andrew Spafford, Head of Systems, Process & Enablement for Serco Middle East, said, “Medical insurance is integral to our system of care for employees. Working closely with our new broker, we have challenged industry norms in a heavily regulated yet relatively immature market. By introducing genuine partnership across the insurance community and a new proactive emphasis on transparency in data analytics, we have achieved significant savings that will allow us to continue to prioritise employee wellbeing.”