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Empowering diversity through development of communication capability

In 2017, our Women at Serco Americas network launched ‘Find your VOICE’, a learning programme designed to empower employees and build dialogue around communication and influence. The programme is delivered by a well-respected external communication skills specialist, sharing practical leadership and communication strategies along with real-life techniques. While the content was tailored for female employees, male employees have been encouraged to participate in recognition of equal applicability. The content has been aligned to the following topics to resonate with Serco employees and inspire them to build new leadership skills:

  • ‘Visualize the goal’ – strategies to prioritize and achieve your objectives
  • ‘Own the room’ – techniques to exude an executive presence
  • ‘Inspire others’ – communicating your message effectively
  • ‘Create your legacy’ – leveraging the value of your personal brand
  • ‘Exert your influence’ – creating the outcome you want