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Enabling our high potential US and Canadian colleagues to expand their skill sets through alternative role assignments

In October, Serco Americas began trialling a new career development programme for high potential individuals at different levels across our business in the US and Canada. Individuals selected for the new ‘Job Rotations’ programme are undertaking six-month assignments in different roles that match their specific skillsets with critical business needs. The Job Rotations cohort, comprising 40% female participants, spent the first month in transition, dividing their time between the current roles and programme assignments, before engaging full time in their new roles.

The concept for the programme was developed by the CEO and Divisional HR Director for Serco Americas as a win-win for the business and key individuals in our talent pipeline. For employees, Job Rotation aims to recognise and engage talent, help develop new skills and perspectives, promote career flexibility and open new career paths. For Serco, the programme aims to engage fresh thinking for business challenges, build organisational resilience and support succession planning whilst enhancing the value proposition for corporate careers in Serco.

Once the first assignments have ended, there will be opportunities for participants to return to their original roles, continue in their new roles or rotate into another developmental role assignment.

One of the delegates said: “The job rotation program has offered me a fantastic opportunity to grow my skills and build new relationships within our organization. Taking on a new role has broadened my perspective on business challenges and generated deeper insight into our operations and what is important to their teams. The support of senior leadership and their commitment to making the program a valuable development avenue has been amazing.”