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‘Exceptional’ service rating at the Space-Based Infrared System in Colorado, USA

Our team at the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) in Colorado received ‘Exceptional’ ratings across-the-board for the second year in a row in their most recent Contractor Performance Assessment Report.

The team designs, implements, installs and maintains government-owned equipment communications requirements in support of evolving system design. They also perform all provisions to increase capability on ground and satellite communications infrastructure at upgraded ground stations, mobile stations and support facilities, and provide connectivity between current and additional external facilities and services for data users.

The report contained numerous positive comments, including “attention to detail on these tasks/projects saved the government time, labor, cost, schedule and most importantly limited mission impacts”, “Serco continues to impress”, “forward-thinking approach”, and “Serco has been a great resource”.

Our customer’s concluding statement was: “They continue to take a mission first approach when working requirements, which is extremely important to the SBIRS enterprise and user community.”