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Helping Hertfordshire County Council achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency, surpassing carbon reduction targets and delivering £1m in cost savings

In the UK, we have helped Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to develop an Energy Management programme that has helped to reduce annual energy consumption at the main council campuses by 30% and cut carbon emissions by 28%, while also mitigating future increases in energy prices. It is now on target to achieve £1.4m in cost savings by Q2 2018. Although cost reduction was not the primary driver, improved energy efficiency has delivered an annual cost reduction of 29%.

James Heslam, Energy Manager and member of the HCC Energy Management Board, said: “We were looking for a trusted partner who could support our efforts to meet our carbon reduction targets. We were very pleased with the approach and the results of the programme. It has easily surpassed the HCC’s carbon reduction targets.”