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Helping to drive improved supplier behaviour around human rights in the Middle East

In the last two years we have sought to enhance and tighten our due diligence process globally, including monitoring our supply chain for human rights, slavery, human trafficking and exploitation violations. In the Middle East we employ c.4,500 people, representing c.70 nationalities. Approximately 96% are guests in the region – pursuing careers far from home. Meanwhile, regional economic pressures are driving local suppliers to cut costs, including manpower agencies. In these circumstances, prospective employees are vulnerable and at greater risk of human rights non-compliance.

We recognise a duty of care to all employees that must be shared by all third parties helping us meet our labour requirements. This is why our Middle East business operates an especially tough, targeted onboarding process for all potential suppliers – even ‘one-time’ suppliers – with particular care and attention to compliance with our human rights standards and local labour laws.

Our approach – which includes: multiple comprehensive stages of evidence-based compliance pass/fail questionnaires; our externally-provided due diligence screening solution; and onsite audits by our internal compliance experts – is helping to drive new supplier behaviour in the region, as those who seek to do business with us proactively undertake to ensure compliance ahead of and throughout the lifetime of any engagement with Serco.