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Helping to provide for the welfare of young people in the Grafton area by partnering with the national charity Midnight Basketball Australia

As part of a community-building initiative in the Grafton area, which we are joining as operator of the New Grafton Correctional Centre, we partnered with a national charity, Midnight Basketball Australia, to host two eight-week basketball tournaments for local youth.

Midnight Basketball Australia aims to: provide a safe, healthy and positive environment for young people who may be vulnerable to harmful and anti-social behaviour; combat drug, alcohol and other physical abuse by young people; and support the learning needs of young people and encourage them to participate in mainstream society and their local community.

In addition to a fun, healthy and educational activity every week, Midnight Basketball provide safe transport, free meals and essential life skills workshops. We also provided funding to enable a team of Grafton players to attend the national tournament in Sydney.