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Helping to transform waste management at New York University, Abu Dhabi

We have helped to transform waste management at New York University, Abu Dhabi, by developing and implementing a more effective, efficient and financially viable solution for the management of general, recyclable and food waste. The overall aim has been to reduce the site’s carbon footprint and improve performance against local and regional environmental objectives as well as compliance with local HSE legislation. Following a full review of existing processes, our facilities design and management team installed new waste management equipment and implemented new standard operating procedures and recycling protocols, working with the university sustainability committee to educate campus stakeholders.

Results to date have included: an 80% increase in plastics recycled; a 75% reduction in travel to the recycling plant, saving 0.15 tonnes CO2; a 74% reduction in travel to the landfill site, saving 0.3 tonnes CO2; and 600kgs compost produced.