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Improving roadside welfare safeguards for our road safety camera operators

Mobile road safety camera operators (MRSCOs) on our Traffic Camera Services contract sit in camera cars at the roadside and are sometimes subjected to verbal and physical abuse from the public. Our control room operators regularly check in with them to safeguard their wellbeing. Emergency services are despatched if an MRSCO cannot be contacted.

The previous MRSCO tracking system relied on manual updating and was prone to error. We needed greater tracking reliability to improve MRSCO safety. Our Citizen Services Software Development Team developed a new solution, building a web application tracker outside their day job and at zero cost.

The new system automatically pulls data from the rostering system, eliminating the need for manual entry; the dashboard shows all MRSCOs in real time and automatically notifies operators of who is due a safety check; and the application can be used to track other Serco staff on the road.