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Introducing virtual portals for 24/7 medical advice and support

For many of our employees in the Middle East – most of whom are guests in the region, pursuing careers far from home – getting access to quality, timely medical advice and support can be challenging. The support we provide for them took a major step forward in 2018 with the introduction of our new virtual portals. Now installed in selected staff accommodation and offices, the virtual portals give our employees direct access to a real doctor at any time, day or night.

Each portal features an easy-to-use communication interface and smart devices for measuring vital signs remotely. Patient data is shared with the doctor in real-time, who can then advise, issue a referral letter or prescribe medication, which is delivered directly to the patient.

Our virtual portal programme will be developed further in 2019, but is already making it quicker, easier and cheaper for our employees to stay safe and healthy.