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Maintaining our commitment to small businesses and supplier diversity

Small businesses are a vital part of local and regional economies, and can help us to provide value-added services in support of customer objectives. At Serco, we recognize the compelling moral, social and economic necessity for socioeconomic, subcontracting programs, and that related US government initiatives require the promotion of equitable opportunities for all small businesses to compete for contracts.

We strive to accomplish this, continually seeking diverse suppliers and subcontractors to expand and enrich our supplier base. Specifically, we seek and develop relationships with small businesses, including those based in Historically Underutilized Business Zones, and those majority-owned by women, Veterans, Service Disabled Veterans and individuals who are Socially and Economically Disadvantaged. We publicise our subcontracting opportunities appropriately and provide information and training on how to do business with Serco. We have also set up a Supplier Network Portal that enables small businesses to register, view and collaborate around specific subcontracting opportunities.