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Our Australian immigration detention team who secured and protected several hundred detainees during a category two cyclone and evacuation

At the Northern Alternative Place of Detention (APOD) near the city of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory, our Detention Service Officers are responsible for the security and wellbeing of all the detainees in our care. Day and night, their compassion and professionalism ensures detainees are comfortable and meaningfully engaged throughout their detention.

In March 2018, Darwin endured the strongest tropical cyclone to hit it since 1974. A category two cyclone devastated the city and passed directly over the Northern APOD. Despite the extreme conditions and not being able to communicate with their families, the Serco team remained at their posts during the storm to look after the detainees and maintain high standards of safety, security and stability.

Once the cyclone had passed, the team began clearing the site and quickly determined it was no longer fit for purpose. A full evacuation to an alternative location was launched immediately, leading groups of detainees across a hazardous landscape of debris. This was managed without injury or incident. A site recovery operation was also initiated, enabling reoccupation within 24 hours, which required the safe and secure return to the original site.