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Our colleague who provided exceptional care for an asylum seeker with terminal cancer

Tracy Crompton is a Housing Officer, responsible for helping vulnerable asylum seekers integrate into the community, and regularly provides care above and beyond her role. When a lady in her care, Oumou, was diagnosed terminally ill with cancer, Tracy did everything she could to comfort, support and help her to cope in her final weeks. This included accompanying Oumou to the hospital and hospice, visiting her every day and outside working hours, and organising an early birthday party.

After Oumou passed away, Tracy took care of all the administration and arranged an Islamic funeral with the local Mosque. She also contacted Oumou’s next of kin overseas, who gave permission for Oumou’s belongings to be passed on to her best friend.

A doctor from the hospice said, “[Tracy] went above and beyond her duties as a housing officer, and was an incredible support to our patient at a difficult time. Refugees and asylum seekers have such a hard time, they have been through incomprehensible traumas, and knowing that someone like Tracy is out there…is incredibly reassuring.”