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Our Defence colleagues receiving customer recognition for excellence in health and safety

Whilst assisting a team undertaking primary maintenance on an air cadet Vigilant Aircraft in 2018, Gene Peake, Serco Aircraft Technician at RAF Syerston, noticed that the canopy jettison handle had an unusually long tell-tale wire. The canopy jettison handle is located in the roof of the cockpit and there was no requirement for Gene to check that area. However, Gene did investigate, discovering a 12mm gap discrepancy between it and the port canopy jettison handle. Gene was able to manoeuvre the handle forward into the fully locked position, then reported his finding to his supervisor. Gene’s vigilance, attention to detail and professionalism prevented a fault from developing into a significant and potentially life-threatening hazard. For this, he received an Air Force Air Safety Award.

Also in 2018, Richard Stroud, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Manager for Serco at the Defence Academy and RAF Northolt, received the Cannon Pin following nomination from the HQ Shrivenham Station Commander.

The purpose of the Cannon Pin is to enable Ministry of Defence representatives to recognise support staff members who have provided exceptional service to business areas of the Defence Academy. Since the inception of the award, 36 members of staff have been recognised.

Wing Commander Jamie Turnbull said, “I have worked with Richard on-site for the last six months plus, and I have found him to be utterly professional and reliable. As a QHSE manager he is pragmatic and fair, enacting a quantum leap in monthly reporting. He has always supported me in ensuring the site is safe to operate. Richard is a team player who has made an invaluable contribution to the evolution of QHSE and SHEF [Safety, Health, Environment and Fire] on the site. He is nominated for the Cannon Pin in recognition of his outstanding achievements and work ethos.”