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Our London Cycle Hire mechanics who generated significant efficiency gains and helped increase bike availability for the public

A team of mechanics at our Penton Street workshop for the London Cycle Hire Scheme have made significant contributions to the efficiency of our maintenance operations. As qualified ‘continuous improvement’ practitioners, having completed Serco’s Operational Excellence training, the team are focused on identifying ways to minimise waste of resources. Shortly after completing their training, they discovered opportunities to conserve time and materials within the workshop’s approach to preventative bicycle maintenance and quality control standards.

Recognising that the cycles have been subject to both a fixed servicing schedule and a variable, reactive repair schedule, the team developed a new dynamic maintenance regime that enables cycle servicing whenever a bike returns to the depot, thereby reducing the requirement for service recalls. At the same time, their analysis of our rigorous approach to quality control identified several opportunities to finely streamline that process as well.

These simple yet innovative modifications have not only generated significant efficiency gains in mechanic time and repair resources, they have also helped to increase bike availability for the public.