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Our partnerships with local suppliers and social enterprises across Scotland, supporting local communities whilst enhancing service user experiences

In Scotland, we deliver community-orientated transport operations, including: NorthLink Ferries, connecting the mainland to the Shetland and Orkney Islands; Caledonian Sleeper, connecting world famous destinations in Scotland and London; and now also the Edinburgh cycle hire scheme, helping to improve urban mobility across the City.

Beyond essential public services, we embrace a role supporting and celebrating local communities and economies. Besides local employment, charitable donation and sponsorship, we prioritise responsible local procurement. We have well-developed networks of local suppliers, including several social enterprises, who thrive from their partnership with Serco.

For example, over 84% of passenger consumables for NorthLink Ferries are sourced from suppliers within 50 miles of our ports. We support Scotland Food and Drink’s vision, to make Scotland a globally recognised food tourism destination, and are proud to have received the VisitScotland Taste Our Best award for three consecutive years.

Social enterprise COPE supplies our passenger vessels with quality soaps. Community Food Initiative North East supplies our Aberdeen vessels with fruit and vegetables, from which all profits go to the charity. Glencraft, employing staff with visual and learning challenges, supplies all our vessels and trains with quality mattresses.

Through Caledonian Sleeper, we have invested over £3.5 million in small and medium-sized Scottish enterprises.

“At the heart of our approach,” explains Ryan Flaherty, Managing Director for Caledonian Sleeper, “is a desire to showcase the very best the country has to offer, and our partnerships with local suppliers is key to that. From food and drink to mattresses and uniforms, many fundamental aspects of our passenger experiences are made possible thanks to small businesses which represent the best of Scotland. Many of these suppliers are social enterprises, further ensuring we support the communities we serve.”