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Our Serco Leisure team who helped a young girl with a tracheostomy learn to swim

Samantha Anthony is a regular swimmer at Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, operated by Serco Leisure in partnership with Birmingham Community Leisure Trust. Her 12-year-old daughter, Georgia, had a tracheostomy at an early age and had been advised since by medical professionals that she should not attempt to swim due to the risk of water getting into her lungs.

Aware of how difficult it was for Georgia to accompany Samantha to the leisure centre when she visited to swim, Fox Hollies Receptionist, Anne Taylor, brought the situation to the attention of Charlotte Brooks, lead for the centre’s swimming programme for children.

Charlotte engaged a member of her teaching team, Julie Finnegan, and together they worked to identify and develop a solution. Julie completed relevant training and the team devised a special programme of one-to-one lessons.

During the course of a single week and five swimming lessons, Julie helped Georgia to overcome her fears and make slow, steady progress in the water until she was finally able to swim unaided. Georgia now visits the pool frequently with her family, swimming confidently and freely.