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Our team of counsellors who help the US Navy to provide psychological healthcare for reservists and their families

US Navy and Marine reservists face unique challenges post-deployment that can cause increased stress and exacerbate psychological injuries sustained during service. To address these issues, the US Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery developed the Psychological Health Outreach Program in 2008. The purpose of the programme is to ensure that reservists have full access to appropriate psychological healthcare services to facilitate recovery and reintegration and to increase resiliency for continued service.

In 2018, Serco celebrated its tenth year supporting the programme. Our team of 52 full-time counsellors includes clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists and mental health counsellors. Based across twelve regions in the United States, they provide comprehensive outreach services for reservists and their families, facilitating command consultations, psycho-educational briefings and behavioural health screenings.

In Q4 2018 alone, we managed over 5,600 referrals/cases, conducted over 3,900 screenings and conducted psycho-educational briefings for over 22,500 Navy and Marine reservists and family members. Through their provision of these services, our people are helping to create a psychological safety net for the reservists in their care, whilst contributing to long-term psychological health strategies and the overall resiliency of the US Navy.