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Our teams across the Middle East, uniting in their efforts to beat plastic pollution for World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on 5th June every year, promoting the protection of the environment globally and aiming to change behaviours in the long term. WED has evolved into one of the largest global public outreach events, celebrated by over 1 million people across more than 100 countries every year.

Serco has celebrated WED since 2010, and this year Serco employees around the world united in their efforts to ‘beat plastic pollution’, the theme for WED 2018. There was a particularly strong response from our teams in Abu Dhabi, where teams and individuals across the region took action in a variety of different initiatives:

  • We provided all employees at Paris-Sorbonne University with personalised, reusable stainless-steel Serco water bottles and refreshed the gardens using recycled items as containers for new plants.
  • Our team at Zayed University collected 46,415 plastic bottles from the roads around their accommodation.
  • We participated in a ‘Paddle for the Planet’ event to clear plastic pollution from the Mangrove National Park.
  • At New York University we ran an Environment Week campaign, encouraging everyone to join in to 'choose to refuse single use of plastic' and giving away eco-bags in exchange for five items of single-use plastic.
  • At Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, we ran a 'say no to plastic' pledge campaign between Earth Day and WED.

Meanwhile in Dubai, we have worked to reduce consumption of single-use plastics at the Dubai Metro, Tram and the Palm Jumeirah Monorail by replacing plastic spoons and forks with reusable metallic cutlery. Plastic cutlery was removed from all depot pantries and the procurement of new plastics was halted. New stainless-steel utensils were provided for common usage and all employees were given a jute pouch containing their own stainless-steel tea-spoon, table-spoon, fork and knife.