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Our volunteer staff network focused on delivering better outcomes for Māori prisoners in our care

He Waka Angamua was created and developed from the initiative of Māori staff and their passion for supporting better outcomes for Māori, one of the primary outcomes in our contract with the Department of Corrections, New Zealand.

He Waka Angamua representatives, working across all areas of Kohuora Auckland South Corrections Facility, have taken responsibility for driving our fulfilment of that obligation. They are passionate about making a positive difference for all Māori associated with the facility.

He Waka Angamua members have given of their own time and initiative to support management and staff in implementing the facility’s protocols, taking great care to align Māori and Serco cultures and purpose.

Their specific interventions include arranging and leading cultural events and education programmes, directing all formal occasions according to Māori protocol – including making sure the Senior Management Team fulfil their roles – and managing relationships with the two iwi (Māori tribes) of the area.

Through their efforts, above and beyond their day jobs, He Waka Angamua is helping to create a strong and supportive Māori identity at the facility, reinforced by a proactive culture of recognition and respect. This contributes to the overall pride and wellbeing of staff and prisoners and supports the reduction of re-offending among Māori prisoners.