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Our work with the Australian Department of Human Services, helping to overcome significant challenges in delivering welfare and support to Australian citizens

Last year, Serco Citizen Services was contracted to provide 250 call centre staff for the Federal Department of Human Services as part of a pilot to break a backlog of applications which led to more than 40 million calls a year going unanswered. An independent review of the trial by KPMG in July 2018 found the Serco staff were answering more calls than the Government-employed public servants and reversing falling service standards.

Federal Human Services Minister, Michael Keenan, overseeing the national welfare delivery program, said the report revealed the Serco team performed as well as or better than full-time public servants on many measures. They had answered more than 3.2 million calls in the past 12 months. Busy signals have also been cut by 40 per cent.

"They answered more calls each day, had less down time between calls, were cost effective and ranked equally for customer satisfaction," Mr Keenan explained. “The reality is that customers don’t really care who is answering their call, as long as it is answered quickly by someone who is well trained and capable of resolving their issue for them.”

Mr Keenan also commented that the report dispelled many of the myths that outsourcing led to higher costs and reduced standards of service. The Department has since confirmed an extra 1,500 outsourced workers (across four providers) to build on the trial with Serco.