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Serco receives James S. Cogswell Awards for outstanding industrial security excellence

In 2018 we received two prestigious 2018 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Achievement Awards from the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Security Service.

The awards were presented for our sites in Herndon, Virginia and Colorado Springs, Colorado as a reflection of their dedication to National Security.

The James S. Cogswell Award was established in 1966 and is the most prestigious recognition by the Federal government for a cleared defence contractor. Serco was one of 39 award recipients, from among more than 13,300 defence contractors.

The Award recognizes industrial security excellence, taking into account factors that include: establishing and maintaining a security program that far exceeds the basic National Industrial Security Program requirements; and providing leadership to other cleared facilities in establishing best practices while maintaining the highest standards for security.

To be considered for this award, we were required to have a minimum of two consecutive superior industrial security review ratings, demonstrating a sustained degree of excellence and innovation in overall security program management, implementation and oversight.