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Sharing our research into the impact of employee engagement on patient outcomes at the Gulf Cooperation Council Patient Experience Summit

In September 2018, we took part in the second Annual Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Patient Experience Summit in Abu Dhabi. The event focuses on how medical facility operators can improve patient engagement and deliver higher quality services to patients. We shared findings from our research into the influence of non-clinical workers on positive mental attitude in patients, which is proven to reduce length of stay, improve recovery times and enhance patient satisfaction.

Specifically, we spoke about how improving the self-esteem and positive outlook of non-clinical staff can have a lasting, positive impact on the overall patient care process. Edward Gallagher, Managing Director - Integrated Services at Serco Middle East said, “Our research shows that support services staff interact with patients nearly three times more than clinical staff on a day to day basis. In turn, they have a substantial and substantive impact on how a patient feels about their care."

Our contribution to the Summit was well received by the audience and also provided us with opportunities to gain further insight into potential challenges and solutions for improving patient experience at healthcare facilities.