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Contributing to Communities

What contributing to communities means to us

Through our business operations we contribute to local employment, small-medium enterprises, communities and economies. Beyond this, we encourage, facilitate, and proactively drive community initiatives and charitable giving both from colleagues and from the Serco Foundation.




Our policy and commitment

We are committed to doing everything we can to make a positive difference to the communities and economies within which we operate.

Our commitment is defined within our Operations Policy Statement, supporting standards and related operating procedures.

In summary, we strive to:

  • work closely with communities and partner effectively with local governments in order to best contribute to local economies;

  • employ people from the local community where possible;

  • ensure small firms, voluntary and community organisations, and social enterprises are actively encouraged to be members of Serco’s supply chain;

  • encourage, monitor and measure local employment and the role of local organisations in our supply chain; and

  • encourage and participate in charitable activity that aligns with our Values.

Key components in our governance

In summary, we:

  • utilise Assure, Serco’s compliance management system, to track corporate responsibility activities; and

  • follow our Community Investment Group Standard Operating Procedure.

Our progress and performance in 2017

Our community activity is as diverse as our business, and managed locally.

Our Divisions and individual contracts are best placed to understand the needs of the communities in which they operate, how these align with the aims of our customers and how they relate to our employees.

We have:

  • enabled and facilitated efforts in fundraising and support for local communities across our businesses through our Divisional sponsorship programmes (such as the ‘Serco Heart’ programme in Serco Americas and our ‘Community Sponsorship Program’ in Serco Asia Pacific) as well as other local partnerships with governments, social enterprises, charities and community representative bodies;

  • supported a variety of local and regional education and work experience initiatives across our businesses;

  • prioritised and facilitated recruitment from local communities where appropriate; and

  • sought to expand and enrich the diversity of our supplier base through engagement with small-medium enterprises where appropriate.

Additionally in 2017, we have been preparing to relaunch the independent Serco Foundation with a new strategy centred on deploying funds to charitable partners focused on innovation to improve public service outcomes for citizens.

Our next steps

We will:

  • expand the governance relating to community initiatives and charitable giving; and

  • relaunch the independent Serco Foundation and its new strategy.