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Corporate Responsibility defined

'Corporate Responsibility’ (CR) is our chosen term for referring collectively to our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability. We define and drive our ESG agenda through our CR Framework. It brings all our ESG priorities together in one model to enable easier oversight and governance, management of risks and value generation, measurement, and communication. Our efforts are not limited to these items, but this is where we focus our attention and ambitions most closely.

Board oversight and scrutiny of CR is embedded in our corporate governance through the Board’s standing committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee, comprising both Executive and Non-Executive Directors and chaired by a Non-Executive Director.

Each element in our CR Framework is embedded in how we manage our business – defined and driven by specific Group policies and strategies, with dedicated oversight and leadership at Board, Group and Divisional levels.

Our CR Framework was updated in 2020 to maintain alignment with our evolving materiality assessment and ESG agenda. We have updated the structure of our reporting accordingly, focusing first on our Social priorities and then looking at Environmental and Governance.