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Employee Engagement and Development

What employee engagement and development means to us

We are committed to fostering professional development and positive working environments that enable our people to be highly engaged, capable, passionate about public service and motivated to achieve personal success.




Our policy and commitment

Our commitment is defined within our People Policy Statement, supporting standards and related operating procedures. In summary, we strive to:

  • regularly review and improve levels of employee engagement and performance, including the development of employee skills to meet current and future business needs;
  • address any behaviour identified as negatively impacting employee engagement in line with our policies and procedures; and
  • provide relevant training and development where necessary to enable individuals to perform their duties within role.

Key components in our governance

  • The Group Chief Executive is responsible for our people objectives and ensuring our people strategy is reviewed annually. The plc Board validates the people strategy and receives quarterly reports on delivery across the Group.
  • The Group Human Resources Director (HRD) is responsible for people strategy design, management and execution, supported by an HRD Forum including Divisional HRDs, Group HR Centre of Expertise Directors and HR Share Services leadership.
  • The Group HR Centres of Expertise are responsible for policy, strategy and governance across the employee lifecycle, and the Talent Centre of Expertise is responsible for employee engagement and development policy and strategy, regularly convening a Global Talent Forum including Divisional Talent Leads.
  • Divisional Executive Management Teams are responsible for appropriate Divisional adherence to policy and standards, while Divisional HRDs are responsible for implementing policy, strategy and governance across the Division, supported by their Talent Leads in the case of employee engagement and development.
  • Role-related training is managed at the appropriate Divisional or Functional level.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have:

  • begun to develop our approach to engagement beyond a traditional annual survey by introducing a stronger and more versatile survey capability (through our new engagement partner, Glint), which will enable us to engage with employees more closely and regularly throughout the employee lifecycle;
  • supported our leaders in owning and driving their career and personal development, continued to involve leaders in our business plans and strengthened leadership communications;
  • supported our managers through interventions focused on building capability and pride, at all levels and throughout the workforce;
  • supported all employees through stronger promotion of taking action to build engagement locally;
  • reinforced engagement as a strategic priority by incorporating it as a performance measure into our Performance Share Plan Awards, made to our Executive team and senior leaders globally;
  • continued to build and strengthen our system of Group and regional development programmes;
  • delivered our Oxford Management Programme for a further 120 members of our global management population, bringing the cumulative total to 328. Through the programme (designed and delivered in partnership with Oxford Saïd Business School) we are developing a cadre of managers to drive our performance and strategy; and
  • opened the Management Programme to a broader population of management roles across the business whilst introducing an ongoing curriculum of virtual education for programme alumni.

Key performance indicators

For additional data and performance commentary, including changes to our engagement scoring and our Viewpoint indices, see: Corporate Responsibility KPIs

  Key performance indicators:




Employee engagement


67 (avg. score)


People manager engagement


70 (avg. score)


Leadership engagement


69 (avg. score)


Viewpoint Learning & Development Index


60 (avg. score)


Our next steps

We will continue working to deliver our 2020 employee engagement target of 70 points or above, as defined in our Group performance framework.

Our Corporate and Divisional engagement actions for 2019 will respond to colleague feedback from our 2018 Viewpoint Survey, where the following improvement areas have been highlighted:

  • Performance management and development
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Communication of our future direction and the important role of our colleagues

Divisional engagement action plans for 2019 will also reflect any other regionally-specific focus areas. These activities will be supported by our people managers across Serco, who develop engagement action plans with their teams to drive improvement locally.

In addition, we will explore our options for enhancing how employee interests are factored into Board decision-making in order to respond to Provision Five of the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code.

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