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Our vision is zero harm. We are committed to limiting the impact of our operations on the environment through more sustainable business practice for our customers and wider stakeholders.

Serco operates in many different markets and delivers a comprehensive range of services which impact the lives of many people as well as the natural environment. Wherever we operate we must ensure, for our people, our customers, our partners and contractors and the public, that we minimise the impact we have on the natural environment.

This means we strive to:

  • consider the sustainable use of resources and materials in the design, development and operation of our business activities;
  • minimise the negative environmental impact of our current and future business;
  • reduce carbon emissions in line with Government, customer and/or internal targets as necessary;
  • comply with all applicable environmental legislation and, where appropriate, go beyond compliance with the minimum requirements of legislative bodies, regulators and our customers;
  • encourage the free and honest reporting of environmental issues;
  • procure goods and services that help us to limit environmental impact;
  • cooperate with key stakeholders where we share responsibilities, premises or activities; and
  • learn and benefit from our experience and the experiences of others.

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