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We are committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance, integrity and business ethics in all activities. Serco has a system of internal controls (including financial, operational and compliance controls, management assurance, risk management and internal audit) that combine to ensure we operate safely and ethically and deliver a great service that is valued by our customers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as providing value to our shareholders.

This means we strive to:

  • work within a governance framework that effectively directs and controls the business;
  • maintain an organisational structure where responsibilities and accountabilities are clearly defined and allocated to people who have the necessary skills and capabilities;
  • maintain a management system which sets the policies, minimum standards and procedures that the business will operate within;
  • create an open and transparent environment where good behaviour is recognised;
  • establish appropriate delegated levels of authority to ensure appropriate control and governance within the business;
  • apply principles of good programme and project management to all of our bids and contracts;
  • meet our regulatory commitments and obligations;
  • monitor and manage commercial and contractual risks, ensuring we are not exposed to unreasonable risks and that risks are shared appropriately with relevant stakeholders;
  • properly record all commercial, business and legal transactions and retain material documents; and
  • implement audit and compliance programmes to assure ourselves that management systems and existing controls are effectively managing risks.

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