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Our governance agenda

We work within a structure of governance that seeks to enable effective direction, control and assurance of the business, including where and how we operate and how we manage our responsibilities to stakeholders.

  • For Serco, governance is not an exercise in compliance, nor is it a specific form of management – it is an essential part of our public service ethos and ensuring we fulfil our purpose.
  • We have a comprehensive corporate governance framework, with clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities to safeguard long-term shareholder value.
  • Below this our management framework, the Serco Management System, defines ‘what’ we do through policies, standards and procedures whilst our Code of Conduct defines our expectations of ‘how’ we do it, underpinned by our Values and commitment to behave with integrity and treat people with respect.
  • We strive to:
    • maintain an effective system of internal control that ensures we operate safely and ethically and deliver quality services, and that safeguards the best interests of all our stakeholders, our assets and reputation;
    • manage our business within an organisational structure where responsibilities and accountabilities – including delegated levels of authority – are clearly defined and allocated appropriately;
    • identify, manage and mitigate our exposure to risks through robust procedures and controls;
    • make sure our legal entities comply with relevant laws, properly record all commercial, business and legal transactions and retain material documents, and correctly report their business activities; and
    • meet our regulatory commitments and obligations in relation to Serco’s listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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