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Our approach to reporting on our ESG responsibilities

The ESG landscape is evolving at a rapid rate, and we work to keep our reporting at a level we believe appropriate for our business and useful for our stakeholders.

Our approach is determined not only by reporting obligations but also to provide insight into what matters most to our business and our stakeholders and to share our progress in each area. This provides assurance that we are properly addressing our responsibilities and communicating our position and performance across relevant ESG criteria.

This year, amongst all other developments, we have:

  • expanded our data disclosure to include additional items;

  • prepared to report against the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as of 2021; and

  • made it easier to navigate our reporting by ESG criteria

We maintain a system of reporting that begins at contract level and aggregates up through the organisation, covering operational performance and strategic progress, before feeding into plc Board scrutiny and oversight.

The outputs are then shared externally in a range of publications designed to educate, engage and meet the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders.

Updates to Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Report disclosures

  • In our Annual Report 2020 (p48) and Corporate Responsibility Report 2020 (p41), we reported the number of female ‘Executive Committee and Direct Reports' at 21 (24.7%) and the number of male ‘Executive Committee and Direct Reports' as 64 (75.3%). Following further review, we have identified that the three female members of the Serco Inc. (Serco Americas) Board of Directors have been mistakenly omitted. The updated numbers are: 24 (27.3%) female ‘Executive Committee and Direct Reports' and 64 (72.7%) male ‘Executive Committee and Direct Reports'. The updated numbers and percentages will be published in our 2021 reporting.

Previous Corporate Responsibility Reports

Since 2003 we have published a Corporate Responsibility Report which summarises our impact, progress and performance in delivering our commitments across our ESG priorities.