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As a worldwide team of more than 50,000 people, we are driven by our public service ethos to help our customers create positive and sustainable outcomes for society.

We serve society in four main ways:

  • by helping Governments to deliver reliable, high-quality services which represent good value for the taxpayer; in many cases this involves providing citizens (or people who aspire to be citizens) with services at difficult times in their lives, or providing services which support critical national infrastructure and assets;
  • by employing more than 50,000 people, and giving them jobs which are fairly paid, a safe and healthy workplace where diversity is positively valued, careers which allow them to develop and achieve to the best of their abilities, and ensuring that they are treated with respect;
  • by being straightforward, transparent, respectful and fair in our interactions with others – be they suppliers, politicians, competitors, lenders or investors; and
  • by paying, and enabling our employees to pay, tens of millions of pounds in taxes.

In doing this, we strive to:

  • apply our Values (all of which are underpinned by the right to be treated with dignity, fairness, equality and respect) and respect Human Rights in our business every day, everywhere;
  • be a great place to work, where all people, rights and conditions of employment are valued and respected;
  • promote wellbeing and the prevention of ill health, and ensure no one comes to harm because of the work we do;
  • provide equal opportunities to grow and develop for all;
  • value difference and diversity and not tolerate any form of discrimination;
  • understand the complex social challenges that shape our chosen markets and help our customers address these whilst enabling them to deliver better for less;
  • be responsible in how we manage our impact on the communities and economies in which we operate – working to make a positive and sustainable difference wherever possible and limiting any other impact we may have;
  • actively support the communities we work for and among, and facilitate community initiatives and charitable giving;
  • compete legally, fairly and ethically in markets that are free, honest and open; and
  • deal fairly and ethically with suppliers and third parties, and require the same of them.

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