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Our social agenda

We serve society as a public service provider, an employer and a participant in global industry, infrastructure and economy. It is our Social impact, therefore, that most defines our ESG agenda.

  • We are a team of more than 50,000 people responsible for delivering essential public services around the world. Our workforce is vibrant, diverse and dynamic – drawn primarily from the communities in which we operate and reflective of the communities we serve.
  • We perform a fundamental role in the functioning of an orderly society: protecting national and international security interests; safeguarding those in our care and beyond; facilitating the safe and efficient movement of people and goods; enhancing patient experience and care quality; and contributing to the wellbeing of citizens and communities.
  • We strive to:
    • behave with integrity and treat people with respect, within the bounds of expected individual and corporate behaviour, with regard for relevant laws and regulatory requirements, with sensitivity to local cultures and with respect for human rights;
    • promote and enable the diversity, development, wellbeing and safety of our people;
    • understand the complex social challenges that shape our chosen markets and help our customers address them in order to create positive and sustainable outcomes for society; and
    • be responsible in how we manage our impact on the communities and economies in which we operate.

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