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Fair Competition

What fair competition means to us

fair competitionWe strive to compete legally, fairly and ethically, making sure we promote competition in business, protect our customers’ interests and avoid situations that may, or may appear to, create a con´Čéict of interest.





Our policy and commitment

Our commitment to fair competition is defined within our Business Conduct and Ethics Policy Statement, supporting standards and related operating procedures.

In summary, we strive to:

  • ensure we do not abuse any dominant market position we may have, obtain competitive intelligence through improper means, or enter into any agreements, arrangements or concerted business practices which appreciably prevent, restrict or distort competition; and
  • engage with competitors and trade associations with appropriate caution.

Key components in our governance

  • Our Business Lifecycle defines the governance process we must apply to achieve commercial rigour – managing risk and enabling transparent and well-informed decision-making. The lifecycle covers business development, sales and marketing, bidding and solution development. Our Divisional Business Lifecycle Review Teams ensure the requirements and spirit of each relevant standard in the Serco Management System are met and accounted for.
  • Our Divisional Legal Representatives advise on and record competition and anti-trust matters, using legal advisers in accordance with local practice to provide additional advice and guidance on issues relating to competition and anti-trust law and their application.
  • Fair competition is included in our Code of Conduct and ‘Serco Essentials plus’ training programme.

For our business ethics governance, which covers any items relating to fair competition, see also: Behaving with integrity and treating people with respect.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have completed significant work to develop appropriate processes for capturing conflicts of interest. This has included redrafting operating procedures, developing an online tool and producing a short video explaining what a conflict of interest is and what to do about it.

Key performance indicators

  Key performance indicators:




Upheld cases of anti-competitive behaviour




Our next steps

We will:

  • roll out and embed our new Group Standard Operating Procedure and register for conflicts of interest across the business; and
  • develop and deploy targeted fair competition training for high-risk roles.