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Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco

To enable clearer focus on impact, progress and performance in our Corporate Responsibility Report, we have created this new online guide, Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco, where we focus on how we manage and govern our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability and our overall ESG approach.

Download Corporate Responsibility Committee Report 2020

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Board oversight and scrutiny of Corporate Responsibility (CR) is embedded in our corporate governance through the Board’s standing committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee.

The Corporate Responsibility Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in providing independent oversight and guidance of the Company’s CR Framework and, based on this agreed framework, considering related strategies, policies and practices on how the Company conducts its business, through the lens of how the organisation lives and breathes its Values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference are available on our Board and Governance page.

The Committee is comprised of both Executive and Non-Executive Directors and chaired by a Non-Executive Director, Kirsty Bashforth. Biographical details for each member of the Committee are provided in the Serco Annual Report 2020. The Committee met four times during the year.

Meetings of the Committee are normally attended by the Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, the Group Chief Operating Officer and the Group Director, Business Compliance and Ethics.

Each element in our CR framework is firmly embedded in how we manage our business – defined and driven by specific Group strategies and Policy statements (and supporting Standards and related operating procedures), with appropriate Board and Executive oversight, and dedicated leadership at both Group and Divisional levels. For more information, see: Managing our ESG priorities through our CR framework.

Each Divisional Executive Management Team also includes a lead for CR.