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Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct helps us to drive continuous and consistent responsibility and behaviours across our organisation. Based on our Values, it forms part of the SMS, clearly and concisely defining our expectations of operational and behavioural compliance.

Our Code applies to everyone who works for and on behalf of Serco, regardless of role, location and background, and confirms what they can expect of us as well as what we expect of them.

All Serco employees are expected to know, use and live our Code.

To support them, we:

  • provide a working environment where our Code and Values are actively supported;
  • do our best to make sure everyone who works for or with us understands and complies with our Code;
  • encourage everyone to seek help and advice if they are unsure about what to do or concerned that our Code is being violated;
  • provide confidential resources for everyone to get advice or report Code violations;
  • support and protect anyone who reports a violation or helps an investigation, and make certain there is no retaliation of any kind against them;
  • deal effectively with any concerns about conduct;
  • only work with customers and third parties who share our ethical standards;
  • put improvements into place quickly after we have identified them; and
  • remedy any wrongdoing we have identified as soon as possible.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have:

  • developed a version of our Code of Conduct for short-term temporary workers;
  • revised our Supplier Code of Conduct, reinforcing our expectations of compliance regarding modern slavery in our supply chain; and
  • developed short briefing videos on gifts and hospitality and conflicts of interest, the first in a series on elements in our Code.

Our next steps

We will:

  • review the impact, effectiveness and accessibility of current Code of Conduct materials; and
  • refresh our approach to Code of Conduct training for new and existing employees.