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Our corporate responsibility governance

Our key responsibilities are recognised within our business strategy, for which the Serco plc Board has ultimate responsibility. For the areas identified in our CR framework, Board oversight and scrutiny is enabled through its standing committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC).

The Terms of Reference for the Committee are available at: www.serco.com/about/the-board-and-governance

The Committee is comprised of both Executive and Non-Executive Directors. Mike Clasper was Board sponsor for CR in 2018 and chaired the CRC, reporting activity to the Board and raising specific issues for consideration and action. The CRC met three times in 2018 to review progress and performance across the framework.

Kirsty Bashforth was appointed Chair of the Committee following Mike Clasper’s decision to stand down from the Board, with effect from 1 January 2019. Newly-appointed Non-Executive Director, Eric Born was also appointed to the CRC with effect from 1 January 2019.

Members of the CRC are responsible for promoting our approach to CR and its effective implementation across the Group. This is agreed with the Executive Committee, which oversees its implementation.

Elements within the CR framework have designated Group Leads, responsible for engaging with Divisional Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to develop strategy, objectives and performance indicators, and monitoring and reporting performance to the Executive Committee and CRC.

Each Divisional Executive Management Team (EMT) incorporates appropriate elements into their operational and strategic plans. Delivery and performance are reported to Divisional EMTs and Group Leads for review, consolidation and Group reporting. As of 2018, each Division also has a CR lead nominated by the Divisional EMT.