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Our people

We strive to promote and enable the diversity, development, wellbeing and safety of our people, and to be the employer of choice for public services – recruiting, developing and retaining exceptional leaders and high-performing workforces to deliver our commitments to our customers and service users.

Our People - Safe Operations segment of the CR framework

What safe operations means to us

Our vision is zero harm. We aim to ensure that no one comes to harm because of the work we do. Wherever we work, we are committed to the prevention of injury and promoting a just safety culture in which we foster transparency, honesty and trust in order to identify root causes and prevent recurrence. 

Our People - Employee Health and wellbeing segment of the CR framework

What employee health and wellbeing means to us

Wherever we work, we are committed to the promotion of wellbeing and the prevention of ill health. We understand that healthier, happier employees go hand-in-hand with strong business performance, enhanced productivity and better outcomes for those we serve.

Our People - Employee Engagement segment of the CR framework

What employee engagement and development means to us

We want everybody who works for Serco to have a positive experience and access to opportunities to develop in their chosen careers. We track the engagement of our employees and measure the trends to determine where together we can improve further.

Our People - Diverse Workforce segment of the CR framework

What diverse workforce and inclusive workplace means to us

Our business thrives because of our talented and diverse workforce. We are constantly looking to improve our ways of working in order to make Serco an even better place to work for everybody. Not only do we firmly believe this is the right thing to do, we believe that diverse teams, reflecting the communities they serve, outperform in their service delivery and provide greater value to our customers.

Progress in 2020:

Safe operations

In addition to embedding and building on previously reported progress, and delivering our standard processes and programmes, we have:
  • further strengthened our safety leadership, appointing a Group Director of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE);

  • rapidly implemented Coronavirus action and adaptation plans across our Business Units and Contracts, with oversight and coordination from dedicated Group and Divisional steering committees, focused on maintaining essential operations safely and securely and protecting service users and employees;

  • expanded our global HSE Oversight Group to include Human Resources, Procurement, Legal and Insurance representatives;

  • elevated Health, Safety and Wellbeing into the Group Principal Risk Register in its own right and deepened focus on HSE elements in the Group Principal Risk, Catastrophic Incident;

  • deployed our new safety observation reporting tool and High Visibility Safety Awareness resources globally, including new collateral to support our Coronavirus response;

  • launched new HSE education modules for Serco Essentials, our mandatory all-employee training programme;

  • conducted safety culture pulse surveys, focused on Transport and Defence; and

  • delivered our annual Zero Harm Week programme of HSE engagement, education and awareness events in every region.

Employee health and wellbeing

In addition to embedding and building on progress reported previously, and delivering our standard processes and programmes, we have:

  • launched our new Group Strategy for Employee Health & Wellbeing (EHW), with a focus on mental and financial wellbeing as well as musculoskeletal and inactivity risks;

  • strengthened our EHW governance – launching a global EHW Oversight Group and updating our Employee Wellbeing Group Standard;

  • rapidly grown and enhanced our EHW communications, services and training, including:

    • making it easier for our people to access all EHW resources, services and support networks;

    • launching a new ongoing series of weekly virtual wellbeing events covering a wide range of topics, with expert guest speakers providing useful information and practical solutions for common challenges;

    • investing in specialist mental health awareness training to upskill our managers – more than 3,500 completions since going live in Q4 2020;

    • launching new mental health apps for all employees in our UK & Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas Divisions;

    • improving Employee Assistance Programme access for all employees in all regions;

    • improving access to seasonal flu vaccinations for employees in all regions;

  • introduced tailored risk assessments for homeworking colleagues and commissioned a study on the longer-term effects of homeworking; and

  • continued investing in workforce management and remote working solutions, enabling enhanced flexibility and support in response to employee and customer needs.

Employee engagement and development

In addition to embedding and building on progress reported previously, and delivering our standard processes and programmes, we have:

  • maintained positive upward trends in engagement at all levels measured, achieving an overall score of 73 in our annual survey (up two points from 2019), with a response rate of 71%;

  • continued broadening and maturing our approach beyond employee engagement to focus on colleague experience, appointing a Group Director of Colleague Experience and conducting research with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and University of Oxford, Saïd Business School;

  • increased the depth, breadth and frequency of colleague communications, with a focus on recognition and keeping colleagues informed and connected during the pandemic;

  • consulted leaders and managers globally on our Coronavirus response, with high approval ratings;

  • maintained momentum and established a rhythm in our Employee Voice approach, Colleague ConneXions, delivering an expanding schedule of engagement and consultation events with increasing Non-Executive Director (NED) participation; this now includes a programme of virtual site visits and regular NED involvement in employee network events, as well as a repeat of the opportunity to address the plc Board through our annual employee survey, with 14,278 comments received in 2020;”

  • enhanced the candidate, new employee and talent development experience by making recruitment, onboarding and learning more accessible and more tailored to individual needs;

  • continued to expand opportunities for early, mid and advanced career talent development across Serco, including extending our Graduate Programme to all regions;

  • improved performance management with a new toolkit, MyCatch-up, focused on frequent, meaningful manager-employee dialogue; and

  • continued building partnerships with our recognised trade unions, with increased engagement regarding our Coronavirus response, and launched manager training for working in a unionised environment (UK).

Diverse workforce and inclusive workplace

In addition to embedding and building on progress reported previously, and delivering our standard processes and programmes, we have:

  • improved performance against the UK Inclusive Employers Standard, achieving Silver (up from Bronze in 2019) and ranking in the top 10% of participating employers;

  • been recognised as a Disability Confident Leader (Level 3 accreditation) for our commitment to removing barriers and changing perceptions about disabilities, impairments and health conditions, and joined the Valuable 500, a growing global movement revolutionising disability inclusion through business leadership;

  • signed the UK Race at Work Charter, publicly formalising our commitment to racial equality and inclusion in the workplace and creating a stronger platform for future progress atop all we have achieved to date;

  • developed new best practice guidance to support our Divisions in refining and delivering region-specific Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies;

  • supported our maturing employee networks (Serco Inspire, Serco Embrace, SercoUnlimited and In@Serco – addressing gender, race and culture, disability and LGBT+, respectively) as they increase their reach and impact whilst working to improve support for vulnerable colleagues; help leaders become visible allies and role models; facilitate more frequent, open engagement on key issues at all levels; and host schedules of celebration, awareness, education and support events – including a global Virtual Pride programme led by our LGBT+ network;

  • continued exploring new employee network opportunities, such as the recent introduction of our new SercoVets network for veteran employees;

  • published our fourth Gender Pay Gap Report, sharing our UK pay gap data (10.9% in 2020, up 0.7 percentage points from 2019) and communicating our progress in all regions to attract more women into traditionally male-dominated roles, provide equal and inclusive support to enhance wellbeing and opportunities for development and progression; and conducted in-depth studies into underlying talent gaps to further clarify key factors and refine action plans;

  • increased dialogue with our colleagues regarding ethnicity and multiculturalism in the workplace to develop targeted action plans;

  • maintained strong focus on diversity in our early, mid and advanced career talent development programmes; and

  • continued maturing our workforce diversity data, and recognition of psychological safety in data disclosure, to improve performance monitoring and value generation for colleague communities.

Our next steps include plans to:

Safe operations

  • consolidate, embed and build on new approaches and ways of working introduced or accelerated in 2020, including ongoing support of remote workers and Coronavirus safety standards implemented across the business in all regions;

  • improve our HSE reporting through a new reporting app;

  • introduce person-based risk assessments, especially for vulnerable colleague communities at greater risk from Coronavirus;

  • review our food safety management programme and management of third-party contractors and safety-critical equipment suppliers to identify opportunities for driving greater value across the business; and

  • deliver a third phase of safety culture pulse surveys in advance of a company-wide safety culture survey in 2022.

Employee health and wellbeing

  • consolidate, embed and build on new approaches and ways of working introduced or accelerated in 2020, including refining and embedding our systems and support for a flexible and decentralised workforce;

  • focus on our financial wellbeing services;

  • grow our mental health education service;

  • form a global network of ‘wellbeing allies’; and

  • complete and act on a study we have commissioned on the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle throughout the working day.

Employee engagement and development

  • develop and embed Colleague Experience principles in our people processes and systems and Employee Value Proposition;

  • explore new ways to engage colleagues more effectively, particularly those in customer-facing roles;

  • Colleague ConneXions: Dame Sue Owen, Non-Executive Director, was appointed as our new Colleague Voice representative on the Board in January 2021, succeeding Kirsty Bashforth. We will be launching quarterly communications from the Board to all employees, responding to feedback received; sharpening focus on key issues through surveys and focus groups; building collaborative partnerships with key colleague networks; and launching a strategic forum with representatives from all regions;

  • increase trade union engagement regarding wellbeing, diversity and inclusion – working together to inform our plans and enhance the reach and impact of our communications in these areas; and

  • launch manager training for working in a unionised environment (Americas and Asia Pacific).

Diverse workforce and inclusive workplace

  • improve diversity in our management and leadership groups through our work in talent development and talent acquisition;

  • increase connectivity and collaboration between our employee networks on a global level;

  • consolidate our D&I learning and development programmes into a single curriculum; and

  • do more with our D&I partners to support and enable employee networks, leaders and managers.