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Our Values

First and foremost, Serco lives by its Values.

Our culture is based on a set of four Values – Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride – that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the Company behaves. They help to ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be consistently applied across our organisation.

Our Values need to be lived every day, helping us work through any challenges we may face and recognise and celebrate our achievements. They guide us in our dealings with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Our Values are incorporated into the Serco Management System, our Code of Conduct and all existing channels, publications and resources. For example:

  • Our annual employee engagement survey, Viewpoint, and our premier programme of employee recognition, the Pulse Awards, are aligned to our Values, enabling us to measure values-based engagement and celebrate values-based behaviour.
  • Our Values are integrated into our Code of Conduct, Leadership Model and annual Performance and Development Review process, enabling us to clearly define our expectations of values-based behaviour and ensure they are met. Our bonus payment ‘Values gate’ enables us to reward performance aligned to our Values.
  • Our Values are also incorporated into our approach to recruitment, enabling us to recruit people who share our desire to make a positive difference and have the capacity and commitment to deliver the services our customers expect.

Alongside our ‘Speak Up’ whistleblowing process, these elements also enable us to regularly assess and reinforce our culture, as defined by our Values. Our Viewpoint Culture Index comprises engagement levels for each of the four Values and provides insight into our culture as perceived by our people (covering ethics, integrity and diversity and inclusion). Culture Index results inform annual engagement action planning and our Values strategy.

Our progress and performance in 2018

In addition to the ways in which our Values are embedded and reinforced continuously through Group systems and processes (see above), each Division is responsible for the ongoing promotion of our Values at the local level, driving them through employee communications, recognition schemes and engagement initiatives. Our 2018 employee engagement survey results indicate that employee perceptions of our Values remain similar to last year.


Key performance indicators

2017 2018  

Engagement survey results for ‘I understand Serco’s values’

81% 81 (avg. score)  

Viewpoint Values index: Trust

66% 71 (avg. score)  

Viewpoint Values index: Care

64% 70 (avg. score)  

Viewpoint Values index: Innovation

60% 67 (avg. score)  

Viewpoint Values index: Pride

60% 68 (avg. score)  

For additional data and performance commentary, including changes to our engagement scoring and our Viewpoint indices, see: Corporate Responsibility KPIs

Our next steps

We will continue to actively and regularly promote and reinforce our Values throughout the business whilst monitoring employee understanding and perceptions of how well they are lived. As required, we will respond with specific, focused and appropriate interventions.