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Our world - Environmental

We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies and supporting the net zero carbon ambitions of our clients and wider society whilst limiting the impact of our operations on the environment through more sustainable business practice.

Managing our environmental impact and supporting customer environmental objectives

Our Environment strategy has a focus on delivering longer-term Group Environment, Energy and Sustainability commitments throughout our operations and supply chain. It places focus on four areas: carbon and climate; resource efficiency; environmental protection; and embedding environmental behaviours in Group culture.

These support our commitment to address the environmental and climate emergencies and support the net zero carbon ambitions of our clients and wider society. We will lead and support our people to be carbon conscious, resource efficient and to limit their impact on the environment.

Our new strategy recognises a number of challenges and opportunities over the next ten years, including: escalating environmental and climate emergencies and green recovery from Covid-19; potential increases in legislation to curb emissions and travel; the need for greater resource efficiency, a transition to a more circular economy and consideration of supply chain impacts; and the growing demand for data and analytics.

To address these, we are focusing on enhanced understanding of our environmental and climate risks and opportunities; evolving our business lifecycle process to capture and cost carbon and environmental risks; reducing business travel, emissions and carbon; and measuring and reducing the impact of our supply chain.

Progress in 2020:

In addition to our new Group Environmental Strategy, embedding and building on progress reported previously and delivering our standard processes and programmes, we have:
  • set carbon reduction targets aligned to climate science and a commitment to net zero in our own assets, leases and business travel by 2030;

  • further strengthened our environmental leadership, appointing a Group Director of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), and Group Head of Environment, Energy and Sustainability;

  • established a global Environment Oversight Group with cross-functional input and support;

  • established a Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) working group and engaged risk leads in each Division to develop and deliver a detailed plan for our first full TCFD disclosure, to publish alongside our Annual Report 2021; completed an initial review of climate-related risks and relevance to business strategy across our sectors and regions; and determined how the process integrates into our Enterprise Risk Management approach – see Climate-related risks and opportunities – our approach (below) for a current status update; 

  • incorporated environmental risks into our new safety observation reporting tool;

  • worked with our supply chain to improve practice for measuring, managing and reporting on Scope 3 (indirect emissions) products and services;

  • developed new HSE education modules for Serco Essentials, our mandatory all-employee training programme, and High Visibility Environmental Awareness resources;

  • launched a new employee-led environmental engagement and improvement programme, Serco Goes Green, in the UK and Middle East, following its successful Serco Europe launch in 2019;

  • cultivated a rapidly growing portfolio of environmental impact projects within our global Operational Excellence programme;

  • celebrated World Environment Day and delivered our annual Zero Harm Week programme of HSE engagement, education and awareness events in every region; and

  • benchmarked our approach to climate change via the globally-recognised annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) climate change questionnaire, achieving an improved score of B (up two scoring categories from 2019). Of all participating companies 13% scored A or A-, 12% scored B and 75% scored B- or below, while within our sector 11% scored A or A-, 11% scored B and 78% scored B- or below. Further information can be found on the CDP website.

Our next steps include plans to:

  • expand our environmental reporting to include waste, water, air emissions and activities on/near environmentally protected sites;

  • publish our first full TCFD disclosure alongside our Annual Report 2021;

  • extend Serco Goes Green to all regions;

  • work with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment to review our training and awareness resources, upskill our people and improve environmental competence, as well as other colleague development opportunities; and

  • explore additional global certification opportunities relating to sustainability.