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Quality Service Delivery

What quality service delivery means to us

quality of service imageWe draw on our international best practice, cross-sector experience and our ability to innovate in order to help governments raise standards of public service.






Our policy and commitment

Providing reliable and high quality products and services that meet customer and service user needs is important to us.

To the best of our abilities, aligned to helping customers achieve value for money, we seek to deliver services that are as high quality as possible and subject to appropriate focus on continuous improvement.

Our commitment is defined across our policy framework, principally our Policy Statements on Operations and Quality, as well as supporting standards and related operating procedures. 

In summary, we strive to:

  • employ an experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained frontline workforce;

  • deploy quality systems that deliver excellent service usability for our end users;

  • work closely with our customers to anticipate, understand and review current and future needs and policy environments;

  • enable quick and proactive innovation through deployment of our Centres of Excellence (CoEs), test new ways of doing things and improve continuously throughout the lifetime of our contracts;

  • transfer international and cross-sector best practice and experience to scale and customise our solutions;

  • invest in research and design thinking by utilising Experience Labs to deliver services that are citizen-centred and outcome-focused; and

  • attract, develop and retain expert and empowered people from across the globe.

Key components in our governance

High quality services are delivered through good management and improved on through consistent research and evaluation.

In summary, we:

  • embed appropriate management systems, designed in line with ISO 9001, that enable quality to be assessed and managed to drive and demonstrate continual improvement in line with customer needs and expectations;

  • deliver certification to appropriate industry standards;

  • conduct formal monthly reviews of contracts and projects, held by Divisional Executive Management Teams, which ensure monitoring and reporting of performance against contract obligations;

  • hold regular meetings with customers, including contract performance reviews; and

  • collate annual feedback from our customers on the quality of our services and deploy this insight to drive continual improvement.

Our progress and performance in 2017

We have:

  • continued to develop our leaders across the business through the Oxford Management Programme – a further 118 of our global management population have completed the programme in 2017, bringing the cumulative total to 208;

  • further developed our CoEs in Justice & Immigration, Healthcare and Transport to help us to build differentiated capabilities, strengthen our sector propositions and maximise the benefits of our cross-regional experience; and

  • developed a new strategy for re-establishing the Serco Institute, which will be deployed to provide research for the improvement of public services. 

Our next steps

We will:

  • launch the Serco Institute to operate at full capability to develop thought leadership and innovation in response to the challenges faced by our customers;

  • continue to invest in the testing and trialling of new pilots across our service lines to improve the quality of our services; and

  • explore opportunities to measure and report our quality service delivery performance at a Group level.