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Social Outcomes

What social outcomes means to us 

We aim to enhance social outcomes by designing and delivering frontline public services that make a real difference to people’s lives.






Our policy and commitment

We believe that the provision of public services around the world – for us, for our customers and for society – requires commitment to a social as well as a commercial contract.

We recognise a responsibility for delivering services that enable the achievement of positive outcomes for society, whether achieved for those directly experiencing our services, such as prisoners in our care, or through the indirect benefits of our services, such as citizens in general who benefit from our contribution to reduction of reoffending.

Our commitment is defined across our policy framework, principally our Policy Statements on Business Development, Operations and Quality as well as supporting standards and related operating procedures.

In summary, we strive to:

  • maintain our public service ethos and aspiration to do the best for citizens, not just for our customers;
  • regularly communicate and embed our Values throughout the organisation;
  • research, measure and improve our solutions so that they are citizen-centred, aligned to our commitment to quality service delivery; and
  • maintain a focus on delivering particularly complex and transformational services that are critical to the functioning of society.

Key components in our governance

To enhance social outcomes across the services we provide, we aim to continuously evaluate and improve their design and delivery. We do this through our robust governance process and standardised programme management framework that manages the lifecycle of our business from bid through transition and the operating period of a contract.

In summary, we:

  • follow a governance framework and business development process that manages risk, enables transparent and well-informed decision-making, and facilitates delivery of value and social outcomes;
  • monitor service user and customer satisfaction levels; and
  • meet regularly with our customers to openly review our performance and enable continuous improvement.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have:

  • developed and agreed a new strategy for the Serco Foundation, focused on supporting non-profit organisations engaged in enhancing public service outcomes;
  • made use across our service delivery of Serco’s ExperienceLab – which specialises in citizen-centric design;
  • more generally:

    - Justice: we have helped to safeguard society and reduce reoffending through the provision of prison management, police support and prisoner escorting services.

    - Immigration: we have helped to protect borders and manage immigration through the provision of border control, detention centre and asylum seeker housing and welfare services.

    - Citizen Services: we have contributed to local community wellbeing through the provision of leisure facilities and waste management services.

    - Health: we have helped to enhance patient experiences and maintain safer environments in hospitals through the provision of facilities management services.

    - Defence: we have contributed to the protection of national and international security through the provision of critical support services to defence organisations.

    - Transport: we have helped to facilitate national travel, enabling local and regional economies and societies to function through the provision of air, sea, road and rail services.

Our next steps

We will:

  • formally relaunch the Serco Foundation and increase further its charitable support and impact on social outcomes; and
  • continue to explore potential criteria with which to more precisely define and measure our contribution to social outcomes through our operations.