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Value for Public Money

What value for public money means to us

Value for moneyAlong with quality of delivery, we aspire to greater efficiency in public services and in enabling governments to deliver better for less.






Our policy and commitment

We are committed to enabling governments to achieve the best value for money for the public services we deliver.

Our commitment is defined across our policy framework, principally our Policy Statements on Business Development and Operations as well as supporting standards and related operating procedures.

In summary, we strive to:

  • select and bid for opportunities where we can create the most value for our customers;

  • manage our business with commercial rigour;

  • regularly review our overheads and contract costs;

  • establish appropriate benchmarks for services within our sectors;

  • utilise our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) to identify cost effective innovation at the contract and corporate level;

  • fully utilise our economies of scale and our international, transferrable expertise;

  • measure, monitor and report on key supplier performance to drive a cost effective supply chain; and

  • maintain our public service ethos that drives us to deliver superb services.


Key components in our governance

We have a robust governance process and standardised programme management framework that manages the lifecycle of our business from bid through transition and through the operating period of a contract.

In summary, we:

  • apply principles of good programme and project management to all of our bids, sharing best practice and applying lessons learned;

  • fully apply operational expertise to business development decisions;

  • follow a governance framework and business development process that manages risk, uses resources effectively and enables transparent, robust and well-informed decision-making whilst maximising value;

  • balance innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit with robust risk management at all stages of business development, especially when entering new markets;

  • conduct Divisional Performance Reviews and Business Lifecycle Reviews of all contracts, held by Divisional Executive Management Teams;

  • oversee and assess all aspects of operational, financial and strategic performance of contracts, held by Business Units within each Division; and

  • ensure the transition of contracts is effective, implementing agreed solutions and delivering agreed customer requirements.

Our progress and performance in 2017

Through 2017 we have continued to drive greater efficiency in our operating costs, including:

  • significant work undertaken on our operating model and overhead costs which should reap benefits, efficiencies and effectiveness in forthcoming years – merging our two UK oriented Divisions in 2017 was just the first step of this project;

  • progress made on developing refreshed strategies for procurement, digital and finance; and

  • renewing our focus on innovation through our CoEs to develop solutions, cement expertise and share best practice.

Our next steps

We will:

  • continue to drive efficiency through increased standardisation of processes, systems and elements of solutions;

  • continue the review of our operating model; and

  • explore opportunities to measure and report our value for public money performance at a Group level.