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In the mountainous surrounds of Hong Kong, road tunnels provide vital commuter links. Each day, more than 90,000 vehicles can pass through the Serco-operated Lion Rock Tunnel
In such a busy system, the safe, smooth-running of the tunnel is down to co-operation and trust


We improve services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively.

Culture and Values

Our products and processes differentiate us from our competitors. But this goes deeper. The fundamental difference at Serco comes from the unique culture and values that underpin the way we run the company and the way we behave.

We value working with our customers in a collaborative, flexible and imaginative way.  We understand the principles and passions that motivate public sector managers and we share their ethos and standards of conduct.  We encourage social responsibility and try to treat people in the way we would wish to be treated.  Our most powerful tool in improving performance is to instil a more stimulating culture where people feel they can personally make a difference. 

Our culture is based on a set of four values - Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride - that shape our individual behaviours and hence the way the company behaves. They ensure we are all working from a commonly understood base that can be constantly applied across our organisation.

In this section you can learn more about the values that sustain our culture, our ethics and business principles, and the corporate governance processes that ensure we deliver our values in practice.

Corporate Responsibility 2014

Read our Corporate Responsibility 2014 report

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2016