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In the mountainous surrounds of Hong Kong, road tunnels provide vital commuter links. Each day, more than 90,000 vehicles can pass through the Serco-operated Lion Rock Tunnel
In such a busy system, the safe, smooth-running of the tunnel is down to co-operation and trust


Our success is a reflection of our people.


Without qualified, motivated and inspired employees, we wouldn't be able to make a success of our business.  

That's why we're committed to communicating with, supporting and developing everyone who works at Serco. We have a strong culture based on clear values - and we monitor how well we're putting them into practice. We're always in touch with customers to make sure they're happy - we believe that's the best way to safeguard jobs and develop new ones. And we make sure we work with customers who enable us to treat our people with dignity.   

We're passionate about communication. It is natural for us to share information about how we're doing with our staff - and we invest in technology to further enhance communications and bring people together across the world.

At the heart of our approach is our People Strategy. It's designed to ensure we continue to have the people and expertise we need to face today's challenges and those ahead of us. It recognises that a good business depends on good people

Serco Management System - People Commitments

We want to create, develop and lead highly motivated competent teams who have up to date skills and live Serco's values.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2015