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How our people make a difference

Every day our colleagues deliver superb public service with passion and pride. Regardless of where we work and what uniforms we wear, we are bound by a common set of values, a strong public sector ethos and a heartfelt motivation to make a difference. 

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The type of work we do is not for everybody, but for those who want to engage in meaningful and vital work that supports their communities and society more widely, Serco can be a rewarding place to build a fulfilling career. 

For many of our colleagues, the commitment to our work is rooted in a strong public service vocation, often underpinned by deep knowledge and experience of delivering public services. These are qualities that are highly valued by those we serve and help to explain why Serco people are often prepared to go above and beyond in their work. 

At the same time, our colleagues are always ready to support their communities. Partly because our communities are where we work and live, the people we identify with and the causes we believe in, and partly because supporting our communities is indistinct from the services we deliver for our customers. We believe it helps us serve those customers more effectively and sets us apart from others. 

Through our public service delivery and community activity, we are privileged to be able to make a positive difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, every day.